Health Care

Maternal and Child Healthcare

JEF’s health intervention program aims to address the different issues and causes of maternal and child mortality in Nigeria. The Foundation focuses on ensuring the safety and well-being of mothers and children, by creating more awareness about necessity of maternal and child’s healthcare in Nigeria, through our different outreach programs.


JEF is committed to establishing memorial maternal and child healthcare Hospitals in Nigeria. The hospitals will be designed to have fully equipped diagnostic centres and experienced medical practitioners to professionally cater for the medical needs of mothers and children, and help to significantly curtail prenatal and postnatal medical challenges.

JEF’s health intervention program provides financial support for the treatment of breast cancer and it is in the process of establishing a cancer centre in Abuja. The centre aims to provide easily accessible, and world-class cancer treatment in Nigeria. JEF is collaborating with local hospitals to increase awareness and early detection of breast cancer. 

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