Computer Training

In today’s technology-driven environment, proficiency in computer technology is a vital key to success. However, many children in Nigerian public schools lack adequate computer skills. Students often face a range of shortcomings that impede their computer training, including lack of furniture in classrooms, inadequate instruction materials, lack of experienced and competent teachers, poorly-equipped computer labs, and dilapidated school buildings. At graduation, many of the students have not obtained any form of quality computer training. As a result, the lack of computer literacy makes it difficult for a person to compete in today’s job marketplace.

JEF is in collaboration with tech hubs to provide basic computer training to young girls. Besides teaching basic computer literacy, we further train the girls in computer programming and coding. This programme allows the girls to learn invaluable skills and make productive use of their time during their holidays. Through such computer training courses, many more girls are made better qualified for jobs that were previously unavailable to them.

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